Radiokop Animal Clinic


Radiokop Vet TheatreAs a client of Radiokop Animal Clinic, you can expect to be provided with a professional and dedicated service for your pet. With digital radiography, ultrasound, in house laboratory & a dedicated theatre, we can ensure that the best possible outcome for your pet's illness is achieved. When you bring Fluffy the Maine Coon, Fido the Labrador, Tweety the Cockatiel, or Lizzy the Bearded Dragon, there are separate wards for the different species types. These are some of the services we can offer you:

1. Consultations
2. Behavioural Consultations We are able to offer advice and help for behavioural problems that your animals may have. Does your pet suffer from seperation anxiety? Does your dog dig or chew excessively? A behaviour consultation can address these issues and assist in helping to alleviate unwanted behaviours.

If you have a suspected Behavioural Problem with your pet that is causing immediate and immense frustration and consternation, the following can be helpful until you can see us at the clinic for a behavioural consult 
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We also offer a range of behavioural toys that are designed to entertain, intrigue and intellectually stimulate dogs and cats of all ages and breeds.

Dr Colin van Rensburg Operation3. Health Checks and certificates
4. Dentistry
5. Vaccinations & Parasite control
6. General and some orthopaedic surgery
7. Referral to Specialist where necessary
8. Housecalls done by appointment
9. In house laboratory-quick reliable results
10. Most Exotic Animal medicine & surgery
11. Premium Pet food & accessories
12. Full work-up on complicated medical cases
13. Digital Radiographs